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December 2000 - York Tomorrow calls for action
The pressure group calls for letters to be written to the Planning and Transport Department in Leeds to protest at the actions of York Council and ask for the Government to call the decision in for scrutiny.

29th Nov 2000 - Open Planning Committee meeting on Coppergate
York Council's planning meeting is moved to the Guildhall to accommodate all those interested, but there still weren't enough chairs.  The vast majority of the audience is very clearly opposed to the scheme, but no open debate or questioning is allowed. Land Securities development is heard at the same time as York Tomorrow's proposal.  Disgracefully, York's councillors decide to allow the Land Securities plan to go ahead.

29th November 2000 - Yorkshire Evening Press holds a telephone poll
The independent poll by York's newspaper revealed that out of over 2,400 respondents, ten to one in favour of York Tomorrow's proposal and against Coppergate II.

28th Nov 2000 - Coppergate II site visit
Around forty people attend a guided visit to the site, many openly in opposition to the scheme.  A banner is hung from Clifford's Tower by protesters, and this makes the front page of the Evening Press.

31st Oct 2000 - Plans are revised to include a segregated cycle track
This was welcomed by York Cycle Campaign, though many members still oppose the scheme on wider grounds.

25th Oct 2000 - York Tomorrow submits a rival bid
The York Tomorrow bid involves creating a large open grassy space between Clifford's Tower and the Foss, whilst still allowing development of Piccadilly.  Read the YEP coverage   Read an alternative view in The York Subvertiser #5. The Yorkshire Evening Press holds a phone-in vote to compare popularity of the two options : York Tomorrow wins by 2,191 votes to Coppergate Riverside's 210.

9th Oct 2000 - Chamber of Commerce splits over scheme
York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce underwent a long period of dispute and eventually split.  Adam Sinclair of Mulberry Hall, York's internationally renowned chinaware department store, leads a break-away faction comprised of local businesses, against the development.  York Chamber of Trade is born. Read the YEP article here.

August 2000 - International Jewish community expresses concern
The Skirball Museum's Vikki Helperin, in Los Angeles, writes, "Wouldn't it be more fitting that a park be built surrounding the tower, so that York residents and tourists might be able to visit the site and contemplate the historicity of the structure in the context of modern society's values?"  Read the Yorkshire Evening Press article here.

27th July 2000 - Fishergate Ward meeting rejects Coppergate II plans
In a ludicrously undemocratic meeting, Land Securities propaganda was promoted to Fishergate residents. It received heavy criticism in return, but residents were prevented from being able to officially voice their opposition. The overwhelming feeling of the meeting was against the scheme, but Councillors actually refused their constituents the opportunity to vote against the proposal.

26th July 2000 - York Council extends deadline
Comments on the Coppergate II scheme were accepted up to August 4th.

July 2000 - Opposition distributes anti-Coppergate leaflet
This leaflet is produced and widely distributed, including to all councillors. The leaflet sets out all the major points against the scheme, and is also mailed out in bulletin form, with updates, from a coppergate riverside email address.

3rd July 2000 - Coppergate II plans go on show
Displays appear in the former York Story museum, in St. Mary's, Coppergate.  On this page there is a picture of the model of Coppergate II.

17th June 2000 - Traders in York criticise development plan
Leading retailer, Adam Sinclair of Mulberry Hall, heavily criticised the shopping mall plan as "likely to drain viability away from York's existing and distinguished, if not unique heart." Read the YEP article.

19th May 2000 - Land Securities submits revised planning application
A new, but still deeply flawed, plan for Coppergate Riverside (aka Coppergate II) is lodged. See's response. 

6th Sept 1999 - Land Securities goes back to the drawing board
The developers have another go. See the YEP article.  People experienced in the ways of the planning process say that a tactic frequently adopted by developers is to knowingly ask for far too much with a first planning application, which allows them to gauge public opinion and look very reasonable when they compromise and issue a second planning application with more weight behind it.  This is, of course, rumour and hearsay.
; )

10th Dec 1998 - Council denies planning permission
The first Land Securities scheme collapses in the face of massive opposition by local traders, the Green Party, the River Foss society, transport groups, etc...  The YEP celebrates "people power" and the demise of the scheme here.  

8th Dec 1998 - Objectors heckle York's Planning Committee
Council planners braved public opinion at the controversial site of the proposed extension to York's Coppergate shopping centre. See YEP report.

18th Nov 1998 - Demonstration held by the York Alliance
The York Alliance, which includes York architects and a former York planning chief among its members, held a demonstration to warn the public that the project would be unacceptable.

Summer 1998 - Land Securities plans submitted
Plans for the extension of Coppergate first submitted to the City of York Council for consultation.
These are very unpopular with the public.

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