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2nd Apr 2022 - Clifford's Tower re-opens following conservation work
English Heritage has undertaken major conservation work on the iconic tower and it is now revealed with a new free-standing roof deck to view the city of York, as well as new internal walkways and the restoration of historic stairwells which have been out of use for centuries. The £5M project helps to show the historical layout of the tower and gives a better understanding of the history of the building.

We encourage you to visit to see the impressive restoration. Book your visit.

Cliffords Tower Revealed

7th Mar 2022 - See a fly-through of the new park and plaza proposals
City of York Council has submitted plans to transform the Castle Car Park, the Eye of Yorkshire and the wider area into a new, world-class public space.
This six-minute video animation imagines a fly-through of the full scheme. Additional videos have been created to show the key areas.

Watch the fly-through on YouTube.

YouTube flypast Cliffords Tower

2nd Mar 2022 - Retrospective article about the Castle Area Campaign
York journalist Stephen Lewis takes a look back over "the fight against the Shoppergate plans for the Eye of York twenty years ago" in a two-page pictorial spread in the local newspaper. He quotes Stuart Wilson, the face of the Castle Area Campaign all those years ago, saying, “We had to wait 20 years, but we have got there eventually.”

Read it online on the York Press website.

York Press retrospective article

8th Feb 2022 - Have we won everything we wanted?
Astonishingly, the City of York Council has now put in a planning application to remove the Castle Car Park. See Press report.
This would create a new public square with space for events with seating areas and water feature, a circular path at the base of Clifford's Tower, reconfiguration of the Eye of York courtyard space, creation of elevated walkway to rear of the Castle Museum with planting scheme. We are delighted as this has been what we have fought for since the year 2000. Make your comments on the City of York Council planning portal.

8th Jan 2021 - You could be the voice from history
English Heritage is inviting people from York to audition to record stories about some of the historical events for its new visitor experience at Clifford's Tower. Read more on the English Heritage website.

8th Jan 2021 - Multi-storey to replace Castle Car Park
We begin the year with unusually great news that the 'enabling development' of a new multi-storey car park on St. George's Field, passed by the City of York Council's planning committee, will mean that the awful Castle Car Park surrounding Clifford's Tower can be removed. See Press report.


22nd Dec 2020 - English Heritage begins restoration of Clifford's Tower
Work begins on new internal walkways and a roof deck within the tower, constructed in a way which helps to protect the stonework and helps visitors better understand the history of the tower.

Read more on the English Heritage website.

Clifford's Tower restoration begins


Click for earlier news from 2008-9, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, and 1998-2000.