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Complain to the City of York Council, especially to your own Councillor if you're a resident.

We suggest you write asking specific questions which therefore require a reply, otherwise your letter may be filtered out by unscrupulous Council officers.
Find York Councillors' names and addresses here:-

You can send a message to David Atkinson, the Cheif Executive of the City of York Council on

The Leader of the City of York Council is Steve Galloway and in the past he supported the developers' tawdry plans for a shopping mall. See his information here and drop him a line! on

See which Councillors in the City of York Council voted to tarnish their city with the Coppergate II shopping mall. See who is the guilty party.

Write about Coppergate / Castle-Piccadilly to the newspapers.
The Yorkshire Evening Press has a letters column:
Readers’ Letters
Yorkshire Evening Press
PO Box 29
76/86 Walmgate

or fax: 01904 612853
e-mail is best:

Please send the Castle Area Campaign group some money.
If you can't get directly involved, we would benefit greatly from some additional funding. All this costs money and the group only has resources provided by supporters and by digging into our own pockets.
If you can afford a few pounds please send cheques made out to "Castle Area Campaign" to our usual address:-
 6 Vesper Drive
 YO24 3HT
 United Kingdom

Thanks. We're very grateful for any support for York's heritage and environment.

Sign the on-line petition.
Please click here to see the petition. Please support our campaign to preserve England's heritage.

Tell all your friends about what is going on in York.
Together we can stop this.

Please link to our website.
Just copy the code below and paste it into your site:-