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York City Council's Planning Committee

It has to be said that the two main political parties in York have been equally guilty in collaborating with the developers to spoil York's heritage. It is believed that Liberal Democrat Councillors were under a 'whip' to vote in favour of Coppergate II, while Labour Councillors were merely told to do so. In this climate only two Councillors voted against Coppergate II. These heroes were David Wilde (Labour) and Gerald Dean OBE (Conservative) - gentlemen, we salute you.

The bad guys are below...
Dave Merrett
Merrett was Head of the Planning Committee at the time.
Galloway is Leader of the City of York Council
Steve  Galloway
Derek Smallwood Terry Walker Ken King Martin Brumby

Retired in 2007

Walker retired in 2003


  Brumby BEATEN in 2003 election.
David Henderson Irene Waudby Mark Waudby Quentin Macdonald

Henderson retired in 2003


  Retired in 2007 after hardly attending in final year. BEATEN in 2007 election.
  Michael Bradley Ann Reid  

Bradley stood down in 2003


Alan Jones
Cllr Alan Jones was substitute for Labour colleague
Cllr John Boardman who was unavailable.
John Boardman
Forced to retire after beating up the Labour chairwoman!


Boardman BEATEN in 2003 election.


... and now for the good guys!
Conservative, Gerald Dean, voted against Coppergate II and asked that the votes be recorded
Gerald Dean David Wilde David Wilde broke ranks with Labour leadership demands and voted against Coppergate II.
  Dean retired in 2003 Wilde retired in 2007