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Victory Parade 24th Sept 2003 ( see Indymedia report )
Supporters and members of the Castle Area Campaign walked in triumph from the Mansion House to the Barbican as part of the Without Walls city parade. This was a day of celebration after winning the Public Inquiry into Coppergate II. The Without Walls Local Strategic Partnership later held a forum to discuss the future of York at which questions were raised as to the Council's intentions to the Castle area. Council Leader Steve Galloway agreed the Coppergate II scheme was dead, and that open discussions would take place in the city. Citizens and supporters must take part to ensure no backsliding from the Council.

Campaigners speak on French TVDemonstration 23rd February 2003
A gathering of anti-Coppergate campaigners collected at Clifford's Tower on Sunday 23rd February. TV cameras from "France 3 Normandie" were there to cover the continuing protest at the site of the castle first built by William the Conqueror. Journalists had informed us that there was a good deal of interest and anger in Normandy that our common heritage was under attack. The TV documentary followed a magazine article in the heritage publication "Patrimoine Normand" earlier in the year.
William Etty protest - 13th January 2002.
Thanks to all those people who turned out .
The media coverage was great and well worth the effort. Protestors gathered under the statue of William Etty outside York City Art Gallery to oppose the building of Coppergate II next to Clifford's Tower and the Castle Museum.

Back in 1835, William Etty and other citizens of York resisted attempts by the authorities to pull down some of York City Walls and Bootham Bar. On this day in 2002, citizens of York came out again to fight the City of York Council who have no pride in the city and would sell the area around Clifford's Tower for a shopping mall. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

22nd September 2001
Two anti-Coppergate groups, York Tomorrow and the Castle Area Campaign organised the public protest outside Clifford's Tower, in York, next to the site of the proposed shopping mall.

The demonstration was originally planned to precede the Public Inquiry, however the groups wanted to continue with the event to show that the issue has not gone from peoples' minds. "We're still here and we're not going to go away," said a representative of the Castle Area Campaign, "the people of York and our friends around the world will be ready to come out fighting at the Public Inquiry, make no mistake."

Campaign groups unite

Demonstration 10th March 2001
A major demonstration against the proposed development marched from the statue of William Etty in Exhibition Square to Clifford's Tower.

Some citizens dressed in medieval costume bringing a carnival atmosphere to the proceedings. The march was peaceful but noisy, raising shouts of "Hear us shout, hear us wail - our city's not for sale!" and "We are the force, we have the power. We will save Clifford's Tower!"

As the weather brightened, 250 demonstrators of all political persuasions and none, gathered at York's Castle Museum - also threatened to be obscured by the development.

Speeches were there received from members of the Castle Area Campaign Group, University archaeologist Jane Granville, and a message of support from the Archbishop of York, David Hope.

Jewish Students' Groups have also sent their support and have raised opposition to the proposal which would mean building on the site of the horrific massacre of York's Jewish population in 1190.

This demonstration proved to be a success. Lots of people participated. A good collection was made. Great support was visible from the citizens, tourists and media. Thanks everyone for your support. More action of this nature will be planned when the time is right.

If you wish to see the route taken by the marchers in full, then click the map to bring this up in a new window.
click map of York to see route

Demonstrators on High Petergate
Demonstrators march towards Clifford's Tower via High Petergate.

Petition presented at York Mansion House
Demonstrators present a petition at the Mansion House in York.
Photograph © Dave Berkeley

Demonstrators pass York Minster
Demonstrators passing York Minster. The Archbishop of York has spoken of his support to the campaign to stop the Coppergate II development.
Photograph © Dave Berkeley

Marching past Clifford's Tower
Demonstrators marching past Clifford's Tower.
Note the prison-like structure of the hated Coppergate Centre in the background.
Photograph © Dave Berkeley