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This was a petition started in 2003. We are no longer collecting signatures for the online petition against Coppergate II, the ugly shopping mall which was proposed next to Clifford's Tower in York.

The petition presented to the Planning Inspector at the Public Inquiry.

The paper-based petition was handed in to the Public Inquiry in 2003 and therefore we are not collecting any more signatures.

This second petition called for "the City of York council to cancel the plans for a shopping mall, and to turn the Castle Car Park between Clifford's Tower and the River Foss into a green and open space." 

This petition was handed-in to the Public Inquiry with over 1,500 signatories. Thank-you everyone.

Our first petition calling for a Public Inquiry was very successful.

We organised an earlier petition to encourage the UK Central Government to hold a Public Inquiry into the granting of planning permission for the Coppergate II (Coppergate Riverside) development by Land Securities under its pseudonym of Ravenseft Properties.

For the City of York Council to give permission was an outrage against the fabulous heritage of the city of York, against York's indiginous shopkeepers, against the memory of the Jews murdered on the site proposed for the shopping mall, and against the environment which we want to see preserved and improved in the city of York.

It also uncovered a conflict of interests for the Council to give planning permission as they owned some of the land and would therefore benefit from its sale.

The first petition was signed by 5,608 people and gave significant power to those groups and individuals calling for a Public Inquiry. Thank you to all who signed. It was a success.

Our city is not for sale!