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This plan shows the extent of the proposed Coppergate II development in York. The biggest single development ever undertaken in York with a footprint 1 times that of York Minster.
The buildings on the Piccadilly side are disputed mainly for their poor architectural quality and the denigration of the River Foss.
However, the blocks on the Clifford's Tower side have caused uproar from citizens in York and worldwide. These would turn the ancient monument into a traffic island and swamp the Castle Museum.
It is also greatly offensive to the memory of the Jews murdered there in 1190. Shops have never existed in this part of York.
Help us send these greedy developers packing.
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Plan of Coppergate II

model of the Land Securities proposalLand Securities' model of the proposed development. Reminiscent of Berlin circa 1930s or Soviet style architecture.

Land Securities Coppergate Riverside
See how close the new shops would encroach on Clifford's Tower.
See how the Castle Museum is hidden behind the new block.
See how big these ugly blocks would be!
We must stop this from happening in York. There are alternatives.